Top Sexiest Movies or Shows on Netflix

Netflix is an entertainment company, which specialize in providing streaming media, DVD’s, and videos on demand. In 2013, they added television production and film to it’ online distribution. It was founded in 1997.

In 2007, it introduced streaming media, while still doing Blue-ray rental and DVD services. Netflix is available in over 190 countries. In 2005, they offered over 35,000 different films, and skipped over 1 million DVD’s. The streaming service allows subscribers films through, personal computers or platforms- tablets, smart TV’s, video games consoles, smartphones, and media players. Netflix does not support android. The company charge a flat-fee for Blue-ray or DVD rentals. They also offer pricing tiers for DVD rentals. Netflix currently has an exclusive “Pay TV”, available to stream.

It’s best place to enjoy movies and the many films that you love. Netflix has the top sexiest movies and shows ever. Listed below we discuss some of them:


Gia is a 1998, film about the tragic life and times of a supermodel. She is a Philadelphia resident who moves to New York, to become a model. As she rise as a model, she becomes lonely after the death of a powerful agent (Wilhelmina Cooper). With this news, it lead to her taking drugs.

She then get involved in a passionate affair with a women named Linda. After her drug abuse get’s worse, her relationship suffers- and it ends with her ability to stop using drugs, but she develops AIDS- which will lead to her death.

Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut is a 1999, erotic drama movie- based on the sexually charged adventures of Dr. Bill Hartford (Tom Cruise) and his wife Alice (Nicole Kidman), a couple who lived in New York city. Bill is reunited with a medical school drop-out named Nick, who is now play the piano. He then meets up with Nick later at a jazz club, after an experience to save a woman named Mandy in the bathroom of a wealthy patient, Dr. Ziegler. He learns about a place where you must go blindfolded, but you needed to purchase a mask to attend. At the mansion, he discovers sexual rituals- taking place. A woman warns him of the dangers there. He went back home, and found his wife awakened- and laughing. She then told him that she had a bad dream, about having sex with many other men. When he returns the mask, the next day- he then went back to the hotel where Nick stayed. They told him that he left, with two dangerous looking men. He then returned to the mansion, where he was warned to stay away. The next day, he read that a beauty queen had died- and had an overdose. He went to view the body, which was Mandy- he woman who overdosed at the Christmas party. He then goes back to Dr. Ziegler, who tells him that Nick has disappeared. When he returns home, he finds his wife sleeping next to a mask. He tells her everything. The next day, Alice tells him-she is glad they have survived.

The Last Tango in Paris

A middle-aged American named Paul comes to Paris- after his estranged wife commits suicide. At an emotional state, he meets a young French woman named Jeanne. A sadomasochistic and carnal relationship develops. He hopes to purge himself from his past.

The Piano Teacher

The story is about Erika Kohut, who is a pianist. She is a middle-aged woman who teaches music. She develops a friendship with a student, and it leads to sex and the power that it gives them.

In the Mood for Love

It’s a movie two people who cheated on their spouses. The spouses was also cheating on them. The couple is bound by moral standards, but they yearn for one another. The movie takes place in Hong Kong. The couple will meet in strange places- small rooms, allies, staircases and other places to fulfill their desires.

Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid is an erotic film. It take place in Brazil. It tells the story of a young virgin, Carre Otis, who hired was hired by an International lawyer, Claudia(Jacqueline Bisset), who is locked into a psychological relationship with James Wheeler (Mickey Rourke). The story will take you down a path of two people who sexual encounter’s is an adventure.

Swimming Pool is a French-British erotic film, starring Charlotte Rampling and Ludvine Sanier. Sarah is a middle-aged women who encounters sex and adventure in France.

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