Sexiest Snapchat to follow

For one of the best snap chats to to follow this year there are multiple options to chooses from. The truth if the matter is that the selection can be biased between male and female counterparts.

Carter Cruise

Becoming an adult star is not for the faint of heart and isn’t achieved by everyone. You must have the personality, the right photos and of the course the sexy body to match. Miss Carter Cruise is the embodiment of that and more. With long brunette hair she stand at a dazzling 5’5″ range. Many guys agree that not only is she sexy she is also seductive. With the combination of the two this young woman has skyrocketed in the film and photography industry. She constantly updated her photos to keep her fans intrigued in her status. With so many people gaining access to the internet it’s very easy to stay on top of her. On top of her snapchat account that is, as over hundreds and even thousands have started following her. She gets views daily and is always happy for every viewer that supports her snapchat and other social media accounts. By being under 30 years of age young Carter cruise definitely has the potential for a successful career. With her physique constantly being compared to that of the perfect adult star Carter cruise will probably continue to stay in the business she is in. She usually calls herself your girlfriends favorite porn star. For most guys the would probably want to be her boyfriend for sexual reasons strictly. She styles dirty blonde hair most of the time and does it very well. As being reviewed she one of the hottest adult stars today.

Alix Lynx
Another beautiful woman to follow for the new year is Alix Lynx. She rocks a blonde hairstyle and is voted to be very attractive from her reviews on many sites. Her body is on the slender side however she has full breasts which definitely benefits her in the adult industry. She is very petite but isn’t afraid of the limelight. By loving her job she also fell in the photography business. She loves taking selfies, some with clothes and some without. Unfortunately for those who would like to see her with lesser clothing or non at all you won’t be able to on snapchat. Other forms of service could easily get you to your destination but she will be a very sexy profile to follow in the year 2017 non the less. She believes that staying attractive for her viewers is very important and also replies to some of her fans emails. You may get a lucky response if you follow her snapchat and become friends. By being a young blonde in the adult industry she has alot of competition however has shined above most. Being arguably one of the hottest female in the adult industry snapchat may have it’s hands full with the traffic to her profile. She gains followers daily and for a good reason. Most of pictures show all of her in a body shot. Not just facials on her snapchat account. She wants her followers to see her from head to toe usually.

Lindsey Pelas

Lindsey is known for her long legs and long blonde hair. Her breasts are very full and photographic as you can see in her work. Not only does she enjoy posing for pictures she does it often. Rarely would a heterosexual male call Lindsey unattractive as her blue eyes also keep viewers engaged. She is most likely going to viewed as one of the top one hundred viewed pages this year for women. For good reason to her modeling career is on the rise as well. With many fans and followers in her modeling business they can easily view more with a snapchat account. With the best photographer behind the best camera behind a very hot model things get steamy.


The snapchat account of the next beautiful woman is very conservative for some. However she is very beautiful non the less. With a full set of breast she fills her shirts for all of her pictures. Most guys who follow her on snapchat are usually searching for eye candy. She definitely doesn’t disappoint as her fan base and followers on the social media juggernaut grows. Daily she is viewed and asked to be friends. She is very delighted to every one of her viewed and will most likely continue to display her innocent yet seductive photos for the year of 2017.

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