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Cox Communication Cable, Phone and Internet Services Providers.

Cox High Speed Internet
More than three million household use Cox High Speed Internet to stream, surf and share because it is reliable and the fastest in-home Wi-Fi. Below are their perfect internet plan.
Cox Internet Essential.
The rate advertised includes the recurring monthly fees but the equipment charges are excluded. In addition, there is franchise fees, taxes, activation, reconnection, surcharge and inside wiring. To get the best performance use the DOCSIS 3.0 modem. The modem is preferred because it is able to receive optimal speeds for preferred and higher tiers. Cox Internet Essential goes for $39.99/mo. for 12 months.
Cox Internet Preferred
Just like in Cox Internet Essential to get maximum speed, you are recommended to use DOCSIS 3.0 modem. Under this internet plan, Cox is not able to make any promises on the speed. This is because Cox cannot guarantee the result to expect from a McAfee® software. However, you can use the powerBoost® to increase download speed at the first18 to 22 MB of a file, remember it works only when bandwidth is available. Cox Internet Preferred goes for $59.99/mo. For 12 months.
Cox Internet Premier
Cox Internet Premier goes for $64.99/mo. For 12 months. When another promotion services is added to an individual’s cart, it is the only time the regular rates of this service applies. The rates advertised includes the recurring monthly services but the equipment charges are excluded. To consistently receive optimal speeds for preferred and higher tiers, you are recommended to use the DOCSIS 3.0 modem.
Cox Internet Ultimate.
The advertised rates are the same with Cox Internet Premier, also, you are recommended to use DOCSIS 3.0 modem. In case you are using an MS operating system instead of Vista/Windows 7, make sure you have updated the registry keys to enable maximum speed performance. Without PowerBoost the Ultimate maximum download speed is 150Mbps. This service may require credit approval.
Cox Cable TV
Cox provides the best cable TV experience, for instance, they have voice remote control, on-screen guide, smart search and 1000 hours of DVR storage just to mention a few. Below are some of the services you get from the Cable TV.
Contour TV
The service is only available in Cox wired .i.e. the cox serviceable residential areas, for example, Cox in Las Vegas. The rates advertised are the service fees and the recurring monthly services. To enjoy the services you require a certified compatible cable CARD retail device and a Cox digital receiver.
Smarter Search
You can instantly access brand new entertainment, your favorite shows or TV channels using a search engine that knows you. The search engine helps you watch more and search less with voice control.
Watch in Every Room
Cox cable TV allows you to stream from any TV channel in your home, remember you can stream all at once with whole-home DVR. This means every member of your family has freedom to watch, stream, record and get a personal experience.
TV when you want it
With Cox, you get a chance to dive into thousands of on-demand programs. In that, you get to access your all-time favorite TV series, hit movies and hottest shows without waiting.
Find it now
Cox cable TV has created an innovative and a sleek on-screen TV guide. All you have to do is go to every channel and zoom through two weeks of programs. This means you can build a library of movies on demand, your favorite TV shows and more. It also makes it easier for you by remembering the last nine channels you last clicked.
Cox Digital Phone Service.
It is important to keep in touch with friends and family, that why Cox digital phone service has made that possible by providing you with a home phone services for $10/mo. below are Cox digital phone services details and terms.
Charges included
The charges included are the activation fees, applicable discounts, one-time charges and monthly charges. However, prices do not include the surcharges, fees, and applicable charges. Subscribed services are excluded. In case you change services before billing cycle is complete, chances are prorated charges will appear on your bill. At times the prices or the applicable contract are different from the price presented here because of the existing customer pricing and contract related updates.
Telephone Premier
The service is available to customers who are newly subscribed to Cox Premier Telephone Services and are living in areas where Cox is serviceable. Also, for a customer to get this service he must not has disconnected from Cox digital Telephone in the last 30 days. The telephone premier has a primary phone line with Unlimited Domestic Long Distance Plan, voicemail and 14 calling features.
Cox Phone Premier-$10/mo. for 12 months
The offer is available to both existing and new residential customers in Cox serviceable areas, for instance, Cox in Las Vegas., the offers expires on 03/13/2017. The Unlimited Plan Long distance minutes are only available to the direct-dialed residential. You have to subscribe to Cox to make non-commercial voice calls to Canada, to landline phones in Mexico and within the states in case you make a call to Mexico that terminates on a cell or other wireless device, then you will be charged $0.10 per minute. Regular rates will then apply after prerequisites services are downgraded or when promotion period is over.

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